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—Garden design. I tell people where to put plants.

Quarto episódio da segunda temporada de Lovesick.

All Day Long

—You know, you’re gardening all day long, you’re watching your shows at night, you spend all your time with the dog and no people.
—I do what I want.

Segundo episódio da primeira temporada de Enlightened.

And it does

Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex
— I want to plant a garden in the side yard. I love gardens. You plant beans, you get beans. Carrots become carrots. Set out to make something grow and it does.

Masters of Sex, segunda temporada, sétimo episódio (2014).

A lot

Brideshead Revisited
— The garden’s come on a lot. The box-hedges you planted grew five inches last year.

Brideshead Revisited, oitavo episódio (1981).